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News & Opportunities

20th May 2015
Congratulations to Neil our Director for reaching 30 years in this business.  We wish you well and hope you keep on making a difference!!

October 2014
Meridian Soils now has a new addition to the company; a mini window sampling and dynamic probing rig. Easily maneuvrable it is ideal for restricted access work and can produce valuable ground bearing pressure information for foundation design. We are also able to install temporary casings which helps to stop sample contamination from upper levels and bore through collapsible soils and carry out accurate sampling where open bore drilling can't.

June 2014
Meridian Soils can now be found on Google+. Find and follow us here!

We are members of the Subsidence Forum working with other subsidence specialists to promote and improve communication between all parties involved in subsidence and improve quality and standards throughout the industry.  The Forum meets a few times every year to discuss the problems and remedies that face this industry.  For further information please visit The Subsidence Forum website.