At Meridian Soils we offer a whole range of different drilling techniques, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, from which we can choose the most suitable and appropriate for you.  Our aim is to find the best and most economic way to bring about high quality sampling and achieve a clear and successful investigation.

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Whether it's subsidence concerns, a full site investigation or just laboratory testing to establish the plasticity of a soil, we can offer a complete range of services to help our clients. 

Laboratory Services:

We also offer our laboratory testing services to other people, these include private individuals, structural engineers, architects and piling and other drilling companies carrying out high quality and unbiased testing to assist them in their work.  We maintain an exceptional quality control system which encompasses sample scheduling through to preparation and testing.  These elements are all considered a priority, our emphasis being to deliver high quality results, providing confidence to our clients and their engineers.

We carry out a broad range of geo-technical laboratory testing in-house.  A small part of what we can do is as follows:

> Moisture Content and Index Property determinations

> Filter Paper testing on disturbed clay soil samples

> Linear Shrinkage testing

> Particle Size testing

> Californian Bearing Ratio tests on recompacted soil samples

We also offer friendly helpful advice to assist with testing enquiries and can arrange for more specialist environmental testing to be carried out via our network of associated engineers and laboratories if required.

Site Investigations:

Trial Pit & Hand Auger:

This style of investigation is extremely useful for subsidence work, small developments and new extensions to existing housing where limited access problems may occur.  Although the depths of boreholes are strictly dependent on the existing ground conditions, in ideal situations a depth of six metres can be achieved.  This equipment is light and portable and can be carried to the rear of houses, used for internal investigations and front garden areas where the more conventional machines cannot fit, keeping the investigation costs to a minimum.

Continuous Flight Auger:

A portable continuous flight auger drilling machine will fit through standard doors and gateways and will drill through most hard or gravelly subsoil conditions.  Due to the 'open bore' nature of this technique, should groundwater become apparent during drilling, the borehole may collapse.  In this instance hand auger drilling would be terminated but this machine would continue to collect valuable information to significant depths.

Shell & Auger:

These machines are extremely useful when drilling to significant depths, wet gravelly subsoil conditions can be successfully encountered to depths of more than thirty metres.  Load bearing capacities can be calculated from the in-situ testing and undisturbed soil samples can be collected.  The main drawback to this technique is usually access problems, the standard drilling machine measures to approximately 8.5m x 2.0m although there are more portable machines available which are collapsible and can be manoeuvred to more inaccessible areas.

Window Sampler & Dynamic Probe:

Mounted on rubber tracks our latest addition to the company is easily manoeuvrable across rough ground, it's ideal for restricted access work: small enough to track through a standard door and gateway provided there is clear access.  This machine can produce valuable ground bearing pressure information by carrying out standard penetration testing and/or continuous dynamic probing and can also collect undisturbed soil samples during it's operations.  We can install temporary casings to a maximum of five metres which would stem sample contamination from the upper levels.  Experience tells us that this facility can prove invaluable to environmental engineers who have to assess the depth of potential contamination across selected areas.